Friday, 9 October 2015

StopTober 2015 is finally here!

The growing phenomenon which is StopTober is now in full swing with StopTober 2015 already impacting the lives of many tobacco smokers. Over the last couple of years we have introduced an array of new promotions and discounts for those looking to switch from tobacco products to their electronic cigarette counterpart. Demand has continued to grow year-on-year and the OK Cigs StopTober promotion is now live.

So, what can you expect from our StopTober campaign?

Disposable electronic cigarettes

While many people have moved on to vaping products and e liquid there is still significant demand for disposable electronic cigarettes. As a consequence we have reintroduced our buy 10 get 10 free offer which is activated with the StopTober2 discount code. Simply drop two batches of 10 disposable electronic cigarettes into your shopping basket and when you check out enter the StopTober2 discount code. We will discount the cost by 50% and your products will be with you as soon as possible.

E liquid promotion

As we touched on above, demand for vaping products and e liquid has grown exceptionally fast over the last 12 months. As a consequence when you buy two batches of five bottles of e liquid you simply have to enter the StopTober1 discount code and you will only pay for five. Yes, buy 10 bottles and only pay for five, buy 20 bottles and only pay for 10, etc. As an added bonus for StopTober 2015 you will also receive a spare EVOD clearomiser to ensure that your vaping device is always in good order.

You’ll also notice that we have increased our range of e liquid flavours which now take in strong tobacco down to mild flavour as well as an array of fruit flavours available in different strengths. Our range of e liquid flavours will continue to grow and we will let you know of any additions in due course.

Rechargeable electronic cigarettes

Over the years we have sold many rechargeable electronic cigarettes and with so many people looking to switch from tobacco products to their electronic counterparts we have reduced the price and added an extra refill. So effectively our rechargeable 80 pack which was £14.98 is now our rechargeable 200 pack at just £12.98. Yes, the equivalent of 200 tobacco cigarettes and a rechargeable device for just £12.98!

This promotion requires no discount code and those who buy any of our rechargeable electronic cigarettes over the month of October will also receive a discount code entitling them to 50% off their next purchase of refills.


As the StopTober 2015 campaign moves into full overdrive there is increased demand for electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. Year-on-year we have seen significant interest in our electronic cigarette products and our StopTober promotion has been well received by customers new and existing. For many people looking to quit tobacco products the electronic cigarette industry is for them the perfect steppingstone. Interestingly, statistics show that those able to abstain from tobacco cigarettes for 28 days are five times more likely to quit smoking in the longer term. Food for thought?

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