Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Why do politicians speak for the vaping community?

As the vaping industry continues to grow there is increased tension between supporters and critics with politicians deciding to speak for the vaping community. The fact they have no authority to speak on behalf of the vaping community, especially bearing in mind that 99% of them are against electronic cigarettes, seems to pass them by. Now is the time for unbiased opinions, for balanced arguments and a regulatory structure which is both protective of the general public but also allows the industry to flourish. So, who should speak on behalf of electronic cigarette users?

Speak to them!

It is simple, if you're looking for feedback, both positive and negative, about vaping products then you speak to the people who use them. Even supporters and the industry itself readily acknowledge that electronic cigarettes are not for everybody and a wide ranging survey would create both positive and negative feedback. The simple fact is that you will never please all of the people all of the time and, at the end of the day, negative feedback is just as important as positive feedback.