Saturday, 31 January 2015

OK Double EVOD Starter Kit + 5 bottles of e liquid

As demand continues to grow for new vaping devices we are pleased to announce the launch of our OK Double EVOD Starter Kit + 5 bottles of e liquid which is perfect for experienced vapers or those trying for the first time. As you can see from the picture you get two clearomisers, two batteries, a USB charger and five heating coils to extend the life of your electronic cigarette.

Over the last few months demand for EVOD Starter Kits has grown significantly and we therefore thought it was perfect timing to launch your own branded product. As an incentive in the early days we will be providing 5 bottles of OK e liquid free of charge which itself is a saving of around £25. The comparative rate per tobacco cigarette is just pennies and already the feedback from existing and new customers has been very encouraging.

In the early days it was the so called "cigalikes" which grabbed the headlines, offering the ability to switch from tobacco cigarettes to a product of the same size, weight and used in a similar manner. This was a perfect entry door opportunity for millions around the world and now there is a growing hunger for the new types of electronic cigarette. For many people it is perhaps the ability to pick and choose from an array of different e liquid flavours which has caught the imagination or perhaps the ease with which they can be recharged and individual parts replaced. Whatever the reason there is no doubt that vapers are more than happy to buy our OK Double EVOD Starter Kits for themselves and quite often as a gift for friends and family.

We will continue to expand and grow our range of electronic cigarettes, vaping devices and accessories. We are already working on an array of e liquid flavours having introduced a selection of fruit flavours with nicotine strength of1.8%/18mg and zero nicotine. As ever we welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions and will take this into consideration as we look to develop and grow in the future. For more information about the new starter kit simply click on the link below:-

OK Double EVOD Starter Kit + 5 bottles of e liquid

Happy vaping!

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