Tuesday, 30 December 2014

How many tobacco cigarette smokers will switch to electronic cigarettes?

As we approach 2015 there will be many tobacco smokers around the UK looking to reduce their tobacco intake and also reduce their expenditure. While electronic cigarettes cannot legally be marketed as quit smoking aids there is no doubt that many people are looking to switch from tobacco cigarettes. The UK is now home to in excess of 2 million regular electronic cigarette users and we can only guess how many people will switch in the New Year.

Why are people switching?

There are many reasons why people are looking to switch from tobacco cigarettes to their electronic cigarette counterparts. These include: –

Cost savings

When you consider that a disposable electronic cigarette costs in the region of five pounds and is the equivalent of 20 tobacco cigarettes, this works out at that an equivalent price of 25p per tobacco cigarette. As we all know, a packet of 20 cigarettes in the UK can now cost upwards of eight pounds per packet which equates to 40p per cigarette. The situation is even more attractive when you bear in mind the cost of e liquid.

While it will depend upon the flavour of e liquid and the quality of e liquid which you acquire they can cost anywhere from three pounds a bottle upwards for the equivalent of 100 tobacco cigarettes. This equates to 3 pence per tobacco cigarette against an actual cost per tobacco cigarette of 40p. Any savings will depend upon the amount of cigarettes which you smoke on a regular basis but the figures are there for all to see and buying disposable electronic cigarettes and e liquid in bulk adds yet more cost savings!

Health issues

The issue of health and smoking is one which is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Even though we are still awaiting the results of long-term medical trials into electronic cigarette use there is a growing consensus that they are at worst "less harmful" than their tobacco counterparts. This has yet to be proven beyond reasonable doubt but the data available so far certainly seems to back up the claims of many electronic cigarette companies and electronic cigarette users.

Some experts have gone as far as to suggest that electronic cigarettes offer the greatest opportunity ever to reduce tobacco addiction and improve the health of smokers. Again, this is a personal opinion from some members of the medical community and not one which has been backed up with cold hard research data so far. It is also interesting to see that the UK government is behind a recent health campaign highlighting the damage that tobacco cigarettes do to various parts of the body and the mind. There has been no mention of electronic cigarettes in this campaign which observers see as positive going forward.

Secondary smoking

Many people believe that secondary smoking was perhaps one of the major elements behind the various smoking bans introduced not only in the UK and Europe but also around the world. The idea that tobacco smokers had the right to smoke as a matter of choice seemed fair but evidence of secondary smoking issues to bystanders was not acceptable. The issue of secondary smoking and electronic cigarettes has been tested time and time again over the last few years. To date there is no evidence to suggest any significant problems when using electronic cigarettes in a crowded place. Again, we await further long-term trial data but so far there seems to be a consensus of opinion forming.

Quit smoking

At this moment in time electronic cigarettes cannot legally be advertised as quit smoking aids although a number of former tobacco smokers have highlighted their move to electronic cigarettes with many eventually quitting smoking altogether. The regulatory situation regarding electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices has not yet been crystallised by the authorities and we await further details in due course. The initial hard line approach to electronic cigarettes seems to have softened somewhat in light of various campaigns by the vaping community.

The situation in the US is very different with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now in year three of what was supposed to be a two-year review of the industry. Many of the proposed regulations are still out to consultation with the industry and nobody really knows as yet when these regulations will be placed upon the statute books.


It seems as though the ongoing switch from tobacco cigarettes to their electronic counterparts is gathering momentum in the UK and around the world. There are in excess of 2 million regular electronic cigarette users in the UK and this figure is set to grow significantly in the short to medium term. Each individual seems to have a very different idea about why they are looking to switch to electronic cigarettes taking in matters such as cost, health and for some people the tobacco smoking ban.

Are you considering switching to electronic cigarettes in the New Year?

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