Thursday, 25 September 2014

OK Electronic Cigarette StopTober Promotions

While the official launch of StopTober 2014 is still a few days away, here at OK Electronic Cigarettes we have released our StopTober promotions early due to ongoing demand from our customers. Our StopTober 2013 campaign was more successful than we could ever have imagined and the signs are that StopTober 2014 will be even better beating the figure of 160,000 UK tobacco cigarette smokers who reduced or eliminated tobacco from their lives.

So, what can you expect from the OK Electronic Cigarette StopTober promotion?

While many people are now sampling the array of eliquids available today there is still great demand for disposable electronic cigarettes and rechargeable electronic cigarettes. Therefore, we have attempted to bring together our core products offering three specific promotions during StopTober which include: –

Rechargeable 80 now rechargeable 200 at a reduced price!

Our rechargeable 80 electronic cigarette included refills which were equivalent to 80 tobacco cigarettes but during our StopTober promotion we have increased the number of refills to the equivalent of 200 tobacco cigarettes. We have also reduced the price of the rechargeable starter pack and this is proving to be exceptionally popular even during this early stage of our StopTober promotion.


Our StopTober1 discount code is already attracting significant interest from existing customers and those looking to try eliquids for the first time. In simple terms, using our five bottle pick and mix option you add 10 bottles to your shopping cart, enter the StopTober1 discount code and the cost of five bottles will be discounted. Buy five bottles and get five bottles free!


While eliquids can often grab the headlines it is easy to forget there is still an enormous market in electronic disposable cigarettes. We are therefore offering a buy 10 get 10 free offer on disposable electronic cigarettes taking in our king size and hyper king ranges. When you bear in mind the different flavours of disposal cigarettes on offer across the OK Cigs range we believe that demand will exceed StopTober 2013 which itself was exceptional.


We made the decision to launch our StopTober 2014 campaign in mid-September due to strong demand from our existing customers. The online chatter associated with StopTober 2014 continues to grow and even at this early stage we are already seeing exceptional demand. So, why not check out the array of OK Cigs StopTober offers and grab yourself a bargain this month and throughout October.

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