Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Are you ready for StopTober 2014?

It is estimated that StopTober 2013 helped in excess of 160,000 people reduce their tobacco cigarette intake. This assistance took in an array of different products but one of the more prominent over the last few years has been electronic cigarettes. The fact that electronic cigarettes do not contain the 4000+ toxins which are present in the modern day tobacco cigarette obviously has health benefits which are being supported by an array of research into electronic cigarettes.

So, what is StopTober?

The StopTober campaign was created to encourage smokers to give up tobacco products for the month of October. Statistically if you're able to give up for a full month then you have a far greater chance of giving up tobacco cigarettes in the longer term. There are many websites covering the StopTober 2014 campaign giving you statistics and details of how tobacco smoke impacts your body and your health. Indeed it is estimated that electronic cigarettes could save up to 50,000 lives per year in the UK by reducing the tobacco cigarette intake of thousands of smokers.

Many people find StopTober to be a more enjoyable experience if they stop smoking with a friend or indeed a group of friends. This allows you to exchange ideas, comments and you know there is somebody to speak to if you are having difficulty avoiding tobacco cigarettes.

Do electronic cigarettes help?

Historically the feedback that OK Cigs has received from customers who joined us during StopTober 2013 has been extremely encouraging and a joy to read. Electronic cigarettes offer the opportunity to mimic the action of smoking tobacco cigarettes whilst inhaling and exhaling nicotine flavoured vapour which does not contain the array of toxins present in tobacco cigarettes. There are many different varieties of electronic cigarette available today, there are many different eliquid flavours and this choice is attracting more and more smokers to StopTober 2014.

We will shortly be announcing an array of promotions and discounts for our very own OK Cigs StopTober 2014 campaign and suggest that you sign up to our free newsletter for more information.

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