Tuesday, 20 May 2014

New research shows electronic cigarettes more effective than gum or patches

Despite the fact that many medical experts continue to play down the importance of electronic cigarettes a new report today published in the journal "Addiction" highlights a recent survey with very positive results for electronic cigarettes. In simple terms, the results of the survey indicate that electronic cigarettes improved the success rate of those looking to give up tobacco cigarettes by 60% when compared to traditional nicotine patches, gum and good old-fashioned willpower.

While we have seen a number of surveys over the last few months indicating the role that electronic cigarettes have to play for those giving up tobacco cigarettes, this is perhaps the largest survey to date taking in 5,863 smokers across England. The simple proviso for the survey was that participants attempted to give up smoking without the aid of prescription drugs or professional help.

Cigarette style electronic cigarettes

While the development of the so-called e-cigarette continues to move forward, this survey suggests that cigalike products were more successful when it came to individuals giving up tobacco cigarettes. By mimicking the actions of tobacco cigarette smoking many people have found it easier to reduce their tobacco cigarette intake and indeed many have given up tobacco completely. This particular strategy has attracted some negative comments over recent times with a suggestion that it is "glamorising" smoking.

Interestingly, this survey by the University College London confirmed that cigalike products almost triple the chances of quitting tobacco cigarettes. Even though politicians continue to describe electronic cigarettes as a "gateway to tobacco cigarettes" no survey to date has found any evidence of this. Indeed this particular survey said that electronic cigarette use amongst those who have never smoked in the past is "negligible".

More positive news

There is no doubt over the last few weeks we have seen a more positive news flow with regards to the electronic cigarette industry although in reality it is more of a balanced debate as opposed to a constant bombardment of negative press. Slowly but surely the results of large-scale long-term trials have been reported in the wider press, giving the general public a more rounded opinion about the industry. Even the most ardent of critics readily admit that electronic cigarettes are at worst "less harmful" than their tobacco cigarette counterparts with some suggesting they are up to 99% less harmful.

There is a growing opinion that electronic cigarettes could offer a real opportunity to reduce the intake of tobacco cigarettes which some people suggest account for one in four cancer deaths in the UK. These are figures which are disputed by the tobacco cigarette industry although whatever the real picture there is no doubt that electronic cigarette uptake continues to grow.

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