Thursday, 22 May 2014

Electronic cigarettes receive positive response from worldwide media

Over the last couple of years the electronic cigarette industry has experienced a major onslaught of negative comment, rumours and innuendo which presented a very mixed picture to the general public. There were rumours of tobacco cigarette companies flexing their muscles, politicians went on the offensive and regulators seemed determined to undermine the industry at every opportunity. However, since the European regulators and the FDA announced their plans for the future there has been a more positive response to the electronic cigarette industry across the worldwide media.

Those who've been following the industry will be well aware that nothing has really changed although the debates and arguments today for and against electronic cigarettes are more balanced than they ever have been. This is all that the industry has been requesting, a more balanced debate offering an unbiased opinion on the pros and cons of electronic cigarettes compared to their tobacco cigarette counterparts.

Is the general public more receptive to electronic cigarettes?

Here at OK Electronic Cigarettes we have received significant feedback from our customers, many of them conveying surprise at the impact that these relatively new devices have had on their lives. We have heard stories of individuals having smoked tobacco cigarettes for decades only to move to electronic cigarettes and, in their words, see an improvement in not only their health but also their bank balance.

It seems as though the more balanced approach to electronic cigarettes across the worldwide media has encouraged more confidence in the industry, prompted many people to ask questions they need answered and ongoing trials are proving to be very positive. The long-term regulatory situation is still shrouded in some mystery, some politicians seem determined to ignore any potential health benefits and the vaping industry continues to fight for the right to vape.

What does the future hold?

The electronic cigarette industry continues to grow at a very impressive rate with the number of UK electronic cigarette users having tripled in the last three years. Growth across Europe and the USA continues unabated, new devices and products are being released on a regular basis. Here at OK Electronic Cigarettes we have taken that on board with the forthcoming introduction of a range of KangerTech vaping starter kits. These will perfectly complement our new OK eliquids range which is proving to be popular and will be expanded in the weeks and months ahead.

At this moment in time there is renewed pressure on tobacco cigarettes with rates of use across Europe declining as the uptake of electronic cigarettes continues to rise. After a period of some uncertainty it seems that simple facts and figures about the electronic cigarette industry have given the general public renewed confidence.

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