Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter offers from OK, "the smoothest vape of 2014"

It's been a proud month for us.

The e-cig market has become swamped with new brands - but we're still winning awards for our flavours. OK have just been named, "The smoothest vape 2014", by Electronic Cigarette Bud, who also add: “The design is one of the smallest, handiest e cigs I’ve come across resembling a real tobacco cigarette at its best.”

But as a valued customer of ours, you probably knew that anyway!

Easter Offer

Easter is a time for reflection, relaxation and the period of Lent is for many the perfect opportunity to give up smoking cigarettes and help to beat their addiction. Perhaps the hardest part is making the decision, which only you can decide. However, once the decision has been made we can help you with the rest!