Friday, 22 November 2013

Kings of Leon: ‘But my cigs not on fire’ row

It seems that even rock superstars can't get away with using e-cigs in countries that have banned them.

Kings of Leon's star Jared Followill nearly got arrested this week after security staff at Dubai Airport caught him carrying an e-cig.  The bassist tweeted:

"Just had the life scared out of me at security in Dubai. Apparently it's not just my bros (brothers) who think e-cigs (sic) are uncool. Almost locked up abroad."

Poor old Jared. This brings an important message to us mere mortals - CHECK TO SEE IF THE COUNTRY YOU ARE FLYING TO ALLOW ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES. These laws can change frequently along with regulations, so we can't really give you a comprehensive list, because it might be different by the time you go on holiday.

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