Thursday, 7 November 2013

Buy a pack – save a packet

Stoptober has finished and we're onto Movember now. A great excuse to stop shaving for the month!

So how did you do this October? We've heard lots of brilliant stories from our customers who didn't smoke a single ciggie. Someone even said that he felt guilty for 'cheating' by using OK instead as it wasn't really 'that difficult'!

We hope that everyone who quit last month will keep it up. And if you do, the cheapest way to make the switch is with one of our OK E-Cigarette Starter Packs rather than continuously buying disposables.  

What you get in a pack: A rechargeable cigarette, plus a refill - equivalent to 200 standard cigarettes - a car charger and a wall charger. Buying this way together will save you 30% than if you got them all separately.

You can use the savings towards that big event coming up in December. Begins with a capital ‘C’, yes we know it’s too early to mention the word yet, so we’re kindly staying quiet…

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