Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The world's most expensive e-cigarette

Want motivation to make your loved one stop smoking? Well if health scares and begging doesn't work, how about designing an electronic cigarette that's diamond encrusted and worth £550,000? A unique idea thought up by a Russian billionaire oil magnate recently.

The anonymous - we know he's based in London, so keep your eye out - business man commissioned this vaping masterpiece which is covered in 246 two-carat crystal diamonds, in a bid to get his girlfriend to stay away from smoking and use this instead.

Would a bling OK cigarette work for you? We have no current intentions of sticking diamonds on our products, but we welcome any sparkling design ideas you might have.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Switch for Stoptober

There's nothing fun sounding about STOPTOBER. Oktoberfest is fun sounding. Stoptober, not so fun. But it's not about fun, it's about changing your life for the better. And then you can have more fun! Last year Stoptober’s quit smoking for October’s campaign ran for the first time and managed to help 160,000 people in the UK give up.

Pretty impressive. Why so many? This government initiative - more un-fun sounding words - puts its success to having the encouragement and support from so many others all taking up the challenge together. It also helps with a quitting pack, mobile app and text support.

If you're going for it this year, turn Stoptober into Swaptober and switch from your regular brand to OK e cigarettes. It might feel like you're cheating because it'll be so much easier, but you're only inhaling water vapour, so everyone's a winner!

We'd love to hear how you get on this month. And whether you manage to keep away from the ciggies when we roll into November. Good luck!