Friday, 14 June 2013

Au revoir to electronic cigarettes?

France, the land of romance, good food and let’s face it – loads of people smoking. It just seems to be part of the culture to be elegantly sipping on a glass of red wine and puffing on a Gauloises. 

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the French smoking ban took place in 2007 as you’ll still find people openly flouting this rule and lighting up in bars, cafes and restaurants. And these bans certainly haven’t succeeded in making the nation cut down. The number of smokers rose from 31% to 33% in the last five years. Currently there are around 73,000 tobacco-related deaths reported in France each year. 

Famous French icons including Catherine Deneuve and Michel Houellebecq have managed to swap tobacco for electronic cigarettes, and so far about a million people in the country are using them too. But this week the French government have decided to announce a ban on electronic cigarette from all public places sparking outrage from users. 

Surely in a country with such a high smoking rate they should be more encouraging to a healthier alternative?