Friday, 26 April 2013

Electronic cigarettes. Get Real!

Too realistic for their own good?

The anti-smoking law that appeared in the UK in 2007 warned us: 'It's an offence to be in possession of lit tobacco in enclosed public places'. So surely good news for electronic cigarette smokers as, a) they aren't lit b) they contain no tobacco.

Well it should be good news, but as ever with anything, there’s small print, and this states: 'It is at the discretion of individual institutions to decide whether electronic cigarettes should be banned'. And a few organisations have grabbed onto this small print to ban e cigarettes from their watchful eyes.

Recently some universities have been stamping out the use of electronic cigarettes. Nottingham Trent University sent round a memo to staff explaining that e-cigs were 'potentially disruptive' as they can be a 'distraction as appear to be real cigarettes'. Students and teachers could only smoke them outside in designated areas.

They're not the only ones with this reason either. Good old JD Wetherspoons not only bans music, but it also now bans e cigarettes. The spokesperson for the pub chain says, 'We have experienced customers attempting to pass real cigarettes off as an electronic cigarettes’.
So electronic cigarettes do zero harm to anyone around them, don’t smell and are totally inoffensive - but it looks like they’ve become a victim of their success to offer a real smoking experience! Surely in the olden days (circa 2007) when they looked like a chunky mouth organ no one would have banned them as it was obvious they weren’t real. How annoying.

Have you ever been told to ‘put out’ your electronic cigarette?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A$H Money

Today marks a year since one of us in the OK team gave up 'normal cigarettes'. 365 days of being 'fag free'. Hurrah to Oli!
To celebrate this special anniversary, we got the calculator out. Whatever money he had saved we were going to make him spend on an over the top prize to reward himself.
So Oli - previous smoker of 10 light strength cigarettes a day, now partial to OK Light e-cigarettes instead - here is your sum:

One box of 10 tobacco cigarettes (circa 2011) = £3.80 x 7 x 52 = £1383.20 per year

Uses Refill Tips x 3 (same as 120 cigarettes) which last him for about one month = £9.98 x 12 = £119.76 per year
So the saving (1383.20 - 119.76) = £1263.44

When questioned, Oli has revealed that he would like to spend this on a month away living it up in Argentina, but in reality it would probably go towards fixing his leaky roof.
So what will you spend your money on?