Friday, 22 November 2013

Kings of Leon: ‘But my cigs not on fire’ row

It seems that even rock superstars can't get away with using e-cigs in countries that have banned them.

Kings of Leon's star Jared Followill nearly got arrested this week after security staff at Dubai Airport caught him carrying an e-cig.  The bassist tweeted:

"Just had the life scared out of me at security in Dubai. Apparently it's not just my bros (brothers) who think e-cigs (sic) are uncool. Almost locked up abroad."

Poor old Jared. This brings an important message to us mere mortals - CHECK TO SEE IF THE COUNTRY YOU ARE FLYING TO ALLOW ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES. These laws can change frequently along with regulations, so we can't really give you a comprehensive list, because it might be different by the time you go on holiday.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Marathon Vaper

We congratulate anyone capable of running a marathon. Well done you!

But we'd like to doubly congratulate one impressive man who has just completed the 26.2 miles of the New York Marathon whilst puffing on an electronic cigarette as he ran.

Jim Oliver was spotted using his e-cig throughout the race and discussing it with other runners. Before he started Oliver stated he was 'running for the vape' to bring awareness about the health impact switching from standard cigarettes could make. He finished in just five hours.

Feel free to share any of your own 'running-whilst-vaping' stories with us...

Friday, 15 November 2013

Enjoy a post-pizza vape

Planning next year's holiday? Italy is our top tip. And our ‘no go’s’ include: Turkey, Brazil, Argentina and Singapore.

A sweeping generalisation for us to make. And we realise we’re not travel agents. But we are kindly thinking of all you electronic cigarette smokers, as the latter countries we listed have banned their use entirely.

Why Italy? Why obviously it’s got amazing food, beautiful countryside and the latest draw is their health minister has just found a loophole in the law that will allow the use of e-cigs in public. This hadn’t been allowed previously, but this is now to be overruled. Read the full story here if you want to know the finer detail.

But this basically means you can vape in cafes, bars and train stations to your heart’s content. Don’t forget to send us a postcard!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

BBC poll says ‘yes’ to e-cigs

So it seems that the public 'seem to like' e-cigarettes. Not our words, but the words of the BBC after they conducted a poll of 1,000 people.

The report came from Westfield shopping centre in London and asked members of the public what they thought of a woman vaping in a public place. There was of course a few 'I don't like it', but there were more 'good on them' from shoppers happy for others trying to quit smoking.

It also pointed out the confusion of where and where you can't use them. For instance you can't vape in the open-air shopping centre's Starbucks. But you can when you cross over the line where it becomes Westfield again.
The results

When asked by BBC Breakfast: "Would you feel uncomfortable if someone used an e-cigarette near you are your family?" 75 % said no.

And asked if e-cigarettes should be banned in public places, 34% said yes - but 62% said no.

The debate continues!  Read the BBC’s full article about electronic cigarettes here>>

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Buy a pack – save a packet

Stoptober has finished and we're onto Movember now. A great excuse to stop shaving for the month!

So how did you do this October? We've heard lots of brilliant stories from our customers who didn't smoke a single ciggie. Someone even said that he felt guilty for 'cheating' by using OK instead as it wasn't really 'that difficult'!

We hope that everyone who quit last month will keep it up. And if you do, the cheapest way to make the switch is with one of our OK E-Cigarette Starter Packs rather than continuously buying disposables.  

What you get in a pack: A rechargeable cigarette, plus a refill - equivalent to 200 standard cigarettes - a car charger and a wall charger. Buying this way together will save you 30% than if you got them all separately.

You can use the savings towards that big event coming up in December. Begins with a capital ‘C’, yes we know it’s too early to mention the word yet, so we’re kindly staying quiet…

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The world's most expensive e-cigarette

Want motivation to make your loved one stop smoking? Well if health scares and begging doesn't work, how about designing an electronic cigarette that's diamond encrusted and worth £550,000? A unique idea thought up by a Russian billionaire oil magnate recently.

The anonymous - we know he's based in London, so keep your eye out - business man commissioned this vaping masterpiece which is covered in 246 two-carat crystal diamonds, in a bid to get his girlfriend to stay away from smoking and use this instead.

Would a bling OK cigarette work for you? We have no current intentions of sticking diamonds on our products, but we welcome any sparkling design ideas you might have.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Switch for Stoptober

There's nothing fun sounding about STOPTOBER. Oktoberfest is fun sounding. Stoptober, not so fun. But it's not about fun, it's about changing your life for the better. And then you can have more fun! Last year Stoptober’s quit smoking for October’s campaign ran for the first time and managed to help 160,000 people in the UK give up.

Pretty impressive. Why so many? This government initiative - more un-fun sounding words - puts its success to having the encouragement and support from so many others all taking up the challenge together. It also helps with a quitting pack, mobile app and text support.

If you're going for it this year, turn Stoptober into Swaptober and switch from your regular brand to OK e cigarettes. It might feel like you're cheating because it'll be so much easier, but you're only inhaling water vapour, so everyone's a winner!

We'd love to hear how you get on this month. And whether you manage to keep away from the ciggies when we roll into November. Good luck!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Au revoir to electronic cigarettes?

France, the land of romance, good food and let’s face it – loads of people smoking. It just seems to be part of the culture to be elegantly sipping on a glass of red wine and puffing on a Gauloises. 

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the French smoking ban took place in 2007 as you’ll still find people openly flouting this rule and lighting up in bars, cafes and restaurants. And these bans certainly haven’t succeeded in making the nation cut down. The number of smokers rose from 31% to 33% in the last five years. Currently there are around 73,000 tobacco-related deaths reported in France each year. 

Famous French icons including Catherine Deneuve and Michel Houellebecq have managed to swap tobacco for electronic cigarettes, and so far about a million people in the country are using them too. But this week the French government have decided to announce a ban on electronic cigarette from all public places sparking outrage from users. 

Surely in a country with such a high smoking rate they should be more encouraging to a healthier alternative? 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Why did Manchester City Turn Their Backs on E-Cigarettes?

E cigarettes hit the headlines recently after a football fan was escorted and banned from matches after he was found to be using an electronic cigarette.

The lifelong City supporter was banned from the Etihad Stadium after stewards spotted the man having a drink and using the device during half time. He was escorted out of the grounds by police and the head of security wrote to him announcing his season card was suspended.

It’s also worth taking into account that Manchester City FC and several other Premier League clubs advertise e-cigarettes at their stadiums. But not all football clubs ban electronic cigarettes, some like Burnley embrace them as they know their supporters are users.

Our favourite comment was from a caller on Talksport who moaned:  

Fan gets his season ticket removed, losing a major part of a season, for the use of an electronic cigarette which poses no harm to anyone nearby through second hand vapour... yet Suarez gets a 10 match ban for going cannibal... what a world.

What’s your view on this incident?

Thursday, 16 May 2013

"If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes we would save 5 million deaths in people who are alive today”

Says Professor John Britton of the Royal College of Physicians. Yet countries, organisations and governments continue to ban their use.  

Yes, electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, but this itself is not hazardous. In fact, you can compare nicotine on a par with caffeine. Is someone who drinks five cups of tea a day frowned upon? No, but despite the health benefits of helping smokers away from tobacco, e-cigarette users have found themselves under attack from new banning rules. 

When e-cigarettes first reached the public in 2007 there were condemned as 'substitutes would merely increase smokers' nicotine intake' and accused of just a way to sidestep the smoking bans. 

Six years later we can show this isn't so. Britain is expected to hit 1 million users by the end of 2013. And 86 per cent of these users hadn't smoked since starting to use the device.

So why are e-cigarettes being banned from an increasing number of public places?

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Smoke Signals

So how have you felt since swapping to electronic cigarettes?

Like with any new products, it’s difficult to know for definite what the long term effects will be – but there have been no harmful ones discovered for electronic cigarette users so far. Hurrah. In fact, we’ve been swamped with people wanting to tell us how much better they’ve felt since swapping to OK’s.  
Some of the health benefits you might not have even considered, but these just a few positives we’ve been informed of:  
- Better sleep
- Improved senses
- No more coughing
- More energy
- Less snoring
- Happier!
- Feeling of control

Yes we know we’re a little biased, but there have been loads of scientific top bods who agree that electronic cigarettes can be helpful to your health. Don’t take our word for it; here are a few recent snippets:

Dr. Konstantino E. Farsalinos, from Clinical Medicine Insights, 25 Jan 2013
This case showed a patient with bad health - he had elevated white blood cells - who couldn’t stop smoking. He managed to quit tobacco thanks to electronic cigarettes and his blood cells went back to normal.

British Medical Journal, 2013
“…By allowing these products to be sold in the UK, the government's Cabinet Office seems to be taking the approach with the greatest potential for public health benefits”

And here what the British public currently using e cigarettes are saying about how they are feeling after switching:

When I first started inhaling vapor I coughed.. but it was because I was directly inhaling to my lungs like I did with a cig. Now I draw the vapor in my mouth first with a few puffs, and then inhale. Much better.

When i first started it was the habits that made it hard, like not being out in the back yard everyday right after eating, before going to bed, first thing in the morning. the clock work like habits are just as hard to fight. Now I'm ver happy with my e-cigarette

I'm 71 & smoked for almost 50 yrs. I've been vaping for 10 months & just love it!

I just celebrated my one year vapeversary!! I smoked for nearly 40 years, knew I had to quit. I had been lucky for too long, no smoker's cough, no breathing trouble, no discernable problems. I hope my luck holds out... The day I picked up an ecig was the day I had my last ciggie

So how have you felt since swapping to electronic cigarettes?

Friday, 26 April 2013

Electronic cigarettes. Get Real!

Too realistic for their own good?

The anti-smoking law that appeared in the UK in 2007 warned us: 'It's an offence to be in possession of lit tobacco in enclosed public places'. So surely good news for electronic cigarette smokers as, a) they aren't lit b) they contain no tobacco.

Well it should be good news, but as ever with anything, there’s small print, and this states: 'It is at the discretion of individual institutions to decide whether electronic cigarettes should be banned'. And a few organisations have grabbed onto this small print to ban e cigarettes from their watchful eyes.

Recently some universities have been stamping out the use of electronic cigarettes. Nottingham Trent University sent round a memo to staff explaining that e-cigs were 'potentially disruptive' as they can be a 'distraction as appear to be real cigarettes'. Students and teachers could only smoke them outside in designated areas.

They're not the only ones with this reason either. Good old JD Wetherspoons not only bans music, but it also now bans e cigarettes. The spokesperson for the pub chain says, 'We have experienced customers attempting to pass real cigarettes off as an electronic cigarettes’.
So electronic cigarettes do zero harm to anyone around them, don’t smell and are totally inoffensive - but it looks like they’ve become a victim of their success to offer a real smoking experience! Surely in the olden days (circa 2007) when they looked like a chunky mouth organ no one would have banned them as it was obvious they weren’t real. How annoying.

Have you ever been told to ‘put out’ your electronic cigarette?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A$H Money

Today marks a year since one of us in the OK team gave up 'normal cigarettes'. 365 days of being 'fag free'. Hurrah to Oli!
To celebrate this special anniversary, we got the calculator out. Whatever money he had saved we were going to make him spend on an over the top prize to reward himself.
So Oli - previous smoker of 10 light strength cigarettes a day, now partial to OK Light e-cigarettes instead - here is your sum:

One box of 10 tobacco cigarettes (circa 2011) = £3.80 x 7 x 52 = £1383.20 per year

Uses Refill Tips x 3 (same as 120 cigarettes) which last him for about one month = £9.98 x 12 = £119.76 per year
So the saving (1383.20 - 119.76) = £1263.44

When questioned, Oli has revealed that he would like to spend this on a month away living it up in Argentina, but in reality it would probably go towards fixing his leaky roof.
So what will you spend your money on?