Tuesday, 14 October 2014

OKCigs: OFFER on Eliquids

Dear Customer

Re: OFFER on Eliquids - Buy 5 bottles and receive an extra 5 bottles free!

Buy five pick and mix eliquid bottles (including tobacco flavours) and get an extra five free!

Simply add 2 x batch of 5 pick and mix eliquid bottles to your shopping basket then add your preferred mix to the order notes. Remember, these can be the same flavour or a mixture of tobacco and non-tobacco flavours, the choice is yours! Enter the STOPTOBER1 code when you checkout and you'll only be charged for 5 bottles.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Are you up for this year's Stoptober?


It means joining thousands of other smokers who are all stopping smoking for 28 days. Just pop your name on the petition and you'll be part of the gang. It's a great campaign by the NHS who offer free support tools to help. Remember = you are five times more likely to stop for good after managing to stay away from tobacco for a month!

This 2014 campaign has another angle too: 'Swap the smokes for jokes'. British comedians, including Paddy McGuinness and Al Murray are touring the country encouraging people to sign up.

Do it! Let us know how you get on.

Sign up to Stoptober

Thursday, 25 September 2014

OK Electronic Cigarette StopTober Promotions


While the official launch of StopTober 2014 is still a few days away, here at OK Electronic Cigarettes we have released our StopTober promotions early due to ongoing demand from our customers. Our StopTober 2013 campaign was more successful than we could ever have imagined and the signs are that StopTober 2014 will be even better beating the figure of 160,000 UK tobacco cigarette smokers who reduced or eliminated tobacco from their lives.

So, what can you expect from the OK Electronic Cigarette StopTober promotion?

While many people are now sampling the array of eliquids available today there is still great demand for disposable electronic cigarettes and rechargeable electronic cigarettes. Therefore, we have attempted to bring together our core products offering three specific promotions during StopTober which include: –

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Are you ready for StopTober 2014?

It is estimated that StopTober 2013 helped in excess of 160,000 people reduce their tobacco cigarette intake. This assistance took in an array of different products but one of the more prominent over the last few years has been electronic cigarettes. The fact that electronic cigarettes do not contain the 4000+ toxins which are present in the modern day tobacco cigarette obviously has health benefits which are being supported by an array of research into electronic cigarettes.

So, what is StopTober?

The StopTober campaign was created to encourage smokers to give up tobacco products for the month of October. Statistically if you're able to give up for a full month then you have a far greater chance of giving up tobacco cigarettes in the longer term. There are many websites covering the StopTober 2014 campaign giving you statistics and details of how tobacco smoke impacts your body and your health. Indeed it is estimated that electronic cigarettes could save up to 50,000 lives per year in the UK by reducing the tobacco cigarette intake of thousands of smokers.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Are politicians finally warming to electronic cigarettes?

Over the last couple of years the electronic cigarette industry and politicians have been at loggerheads with regards to the future potential for the industry. We have seen rumours, speculation and in some cases untruths circulated and published as "fact" without the necessary data to back these up. There has been speculation that governments around the world are priming the electronic cigarette industry as the next big tax income stream although to date no national government and no local government has been brave enough to do this.

Interestingly, the last few days have seen speculation that some politicians at least seem to be warming to electronic cigarettes. News that a legal challenge to the European Union Tobacco Products Directive was not challenged by the UK government, instead it was passed to the European Union Court of Justice, surprised many. So, what does this mean?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Legal challenge to EU Tobacco Products Directive

It is something which many in the electronic cigarette industry have been waiting some time for, a legal challenge to the ongoing EU Tobacco Products Directive. Those inside the industry have always believed it was just a matter of time before the European Union was taken to task over its heavy-handed and allegedly ill-advised Tobacco Products Directive. So where does this leave the European electronic cigarette industry and could this legal action really be successful?

Opening the floodgates

As we await further confirmation of the ongoing legal challenge the European Union will be running scared with a court of law likely to make public the facts, figures and professional advice used to create the EU Tobacco Products Directive. There have been rumours for some time that the original research note on which the advice was based was misconstrued with the author even stepping forward to suggest his words had been taken out of context and used to push forward with a predetermined policy.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bulk-Buy Option on OK Eliquids

While many of you have already tried our award-winning OK Eliquid flavours we have had a number of requests for a bulk buy option for both traditional and fruit flavoured eliquids. We are pleased to announce that you are now able to buy the full range of OK Eliquid flavours in batches of five bottles at a discounted price and free of delivery charges. This will ensure that the next time you're OK Eliquid bottle runs dry you will have a replacement to hand!

We have also introduced a new pick and mix option whereby you can choose any five bottles from the full range of OK Eliquids. It seems that many of you would like to try different eliquid flavours and what better way than with the five bottle pick and mix option which is very simple to use. This option would also make a perfect gift for a friend or family member who uses eliquid or perhaps somebody who is looking to do so in the future.